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Intelligent Network Fabrics


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Intelligent / Switching (I/Switch™)


TITENN Inc. has found a unique way to utilize Artificial Intelligence.  We have created an innovative Intelligent Switch (I/Switch™), which can inspect and process 1200+ packets before a server can process one with terabytes of bandwidth.  We have combined our I/Switch™ with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and networking models to change how a network operates to create an Intelligent Network Fabric run by AI.  We are developing a network that can support thousands of soldiers training together using Augmented Reality devices, which is impossible today.  Our approach of handing the network over to AI allows us to; simplify operations because the AI now manages orchestration and network configuration, eliminates interoperability issues because the intelligent network fabric tests every packet for compliance, improve cyber security with a new innovative cyber model that adds no additional latency or bandwidth;  and reduces latency by four times because the AI can move services about the network intelligently.  
We are building a prototype with the Army at the UCF Incubator in Orlando, fl, and are looking for developers and manufacturers to partner with, so consider checking us out.


TITENN Inc is a small business company in Oviedo & Orlando Florida. We are partnered with the University of Central Florida (UCF) Research Park Incubator program.  We are Artificial Intelligent engineers, networking engineering and modeling, simulation & training game creators with over 54 years of consolidated experience. We are part of the Central Florida corridor for the modeling and simulation community. 
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3259 Progress Dr. , STE 173
Orlando, FL 32826, USA

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